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Impeachment Update 10/30 - House Set to Vote Tomorrow

Get your pocket guide to impeachment. The impeachment matter goes for a House procedural vote.

Free preview: Voter Answer Book #3. The Supreme Court

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Impeachment Update 10/29 - Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

Learn more! High drama in D.C. Click here.

Impeachment Update 10/28 - The train is moving

From 1 big thing: The impeachment train is nearing the station Photo: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images   House Democrats took a key step today toward a 2019 impeachment of President Trump, while Senate Republicans are increasingly showing their hand on how they’ll handle the media ahead of a trial in 2020. The big picture:  This signals an urgency to wrap up impeachment by the end of this year, Axios' Jonathan Swan tells me. The more it bleeds into 2020 voting, the tougher the sell for Democrats, Republican officials say. Now on Amazon and Kindle. 30 pages, illustrated, $3.95. Click here. Just today: Democrats will vote this week  to formalize impeachment proceedings, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. As Politico's Jake Sherman  noted , this is basically a proxy vote for a formal impeachment authorization. Democrats will skip going to court  in order to get Trump witnesses to testify, and just assume their guilt instead, House In

Impeachment Update 10/25 Rudy's Butt dial, Bolton's Landing

Learn more! Bolton's Landing?

Impeachment Update 10/24 Smoking Gun?

Learn more! The ambassador with the smoking gun.

Impeachment Update 10/22 - Framers' Worst Fear

What the Framers feared most. Learn more!

Impeachment Update 10/18

Get the skinny on what's ahead. Click here to learn more! NY Times Impeachment Update 10/18

Impeachment update: 10/17 "Quid Pro Quo?"

9 Steps in the Impeachment Process . Click Here! Update 10/17, from NY Times

Impeachment Update 10/16. All roads lead to Russia.

Paperback and Kindle versions. Click here. Impeachment vote delayed.

Impeachment Update 10/15: How Is this Impeachment Different?

Get involved in our government.  Click here. Impeachment update, 10/15. George P. Kent arriving on Capitol Hill on Tuesday. Click here.

Impeachment Briefing: Behind Closed Doors

Order your copy today: Impeachment update: October 14 via NY Times

Weekend Impeachment Update

Weekend Impeachment Update, from NY Times  10/13 Order here:

Impeachment Update 10/11

From NY Times 10/11/19  Ambassador Testifies Order The Voter Answer Book #2: Impeachment here!

Impeachment Update 10/10

NY Times Impeachment Update. A one-way ticket to...?

Impeachment update 10/9

From the NY Times. Click here.

Impeachment Update 10/8

NY Times --Click.

Impeachment, from Articles to Inauguration

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The American Experiment

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