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Impeachment Update: Coming to TV Wednesday Morning

The history and the facts behind impeachment. Click here. November 11: The great reality show starts Wednesday.

Impeachment update 11/7 - Rudy lawyers up

Get your guide today! Rudy in the hot seat.

Impeachment Update 11/6 - The Pause that "Refreshes" Testimony

Will Trump survive the impeachment process? Today's News: Oops, The Ambassador now remembers. Click here.

Impeachment Recap 11/4 - The Public Phase

Impeachment 101. In paperback and Kindle. CNN offers this recap: Dems prep next impeachment phase  House investigators, bracing for more witnesses to defy their demands at the behest of the White House, are now signaling they are prepared to begin the next phase of their impeachment inquiry even if  their subpoenas are ignored . A number of House Democrats told  CNN's Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb  that it's time for that next step, saying they've already built enough evidence to advance the proceedings to the public stage. Reminder --  Rep. Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, told CNN some of the  transcripts of the closed-door interviews  could be made public as early as this week.  Key Documents Need a refresher on what happened when? Check out the key documents CNN has annotated below: The whistleblower complaint The White House transcript of Trump's Ukraine phone call The Ukraine text messages The indict

Impeachment Update 11/1: What the Vote Means

Your impeachment guide: history, stages, opinions. What yesterday's vote means.